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Brigitte Berdefy was born in 1966 in Alling, a suburb of Munich. Already in her youth she began to attend various art courses and to visit all kind of art exhibitions. During the years following an apprenticeship as an orthopaedic technician Brigitte gained extensive knowledge of anatomy and material science, which turned out to be of great benefit regarding her future artwork. In order to make use of her creativity and design talent she eventually decided to change her profession and became a designer for feather costumes and accessoiries. For Brigitte, this step opened the doors to the coulourful world of Munich’s young arts scene starring entertaining artist Petra Perle. Regular performances on stage followed. In these particularly creative times she also absolved courses in fine arts and painting in Munich and Zurich in order to improve her artistic skills.

In 1998, Brigitte and her family moved to Budapest, where she still lives and works today and where she ran a boutique specialised on theater requisition for over 10 years that gained a good reputation nationwide. Another store followed, involving the distribution of an extravagant German fashion brand. At the same time Brigitte started designing under her own label KiniBini and today works as a self-employed artist.